My Prayers Are
Made of Silicon (V. 1.0)

My Prayers Are Made of Silicon (V. 1.0)  is part of a series of pieces that explore connections between technology and religion. Each piece in the series utilizes a core set of proximity affected devices and employ varying degrees of narrative, ritual, and theatricality.  V 1.0 was workshopped by So Percussion at the So Percussion Summer Institute and was designed as a means to test the devices in a performance setting. V 2.0 introduces a narrative substructure and expands upon the ensemble with a prepared alto saxophone quartet, drumset, and improvised and triggered electronics. V 3.0 is an hour long staged production that has been commissioned through the Matt Marks Impact Fund for Alarm Will Sound, and will be premiered in full in 2021. For more information about the project, please refer to the program notes section of the score.

Technical details:
    Live from the 2019 So Percussion Summer Institute
    Performed by So Percussion
    Video by Evan Chapman & FourTen Media