Rohan Chander    //BAKUDI SCREAM

Rohan Chander (a.k.a BAKUDI SCREAM) is an electronic musician and artist based in Los Angeles. Described as “hypersensory” (Washington Post), “remarkably alive” (The Wire Magazine), and of “transcendent metamorphosis” (I Care If You Listen), Rohan’s work explores gothic, science-fiction storytelling as rewriting of personal and shared histories. Performance space collapses into BAKUDI SCREAM’s various avatars of the Architect Prince, somnus, HINDOO, and FUTURANGEL through pursuit of the romantic and gruesome– tales of hackers and lovelorn heroes breaking and restructuring within new ecologies. Positionality is not a constant but a perpetually mutating agent, driving the work of BAKUDI SCREAM to explore the forces behind shared space and the glitches that flower intimacy.

Rohan’s ensemble work has been commissioned by organizations such as the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, the Matt Marks Impact Fund, and has had works performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble, Alarm Will Sound, Chromic duo, So Percussion, Vicky Chow, and more. BAKUDI SCREAM was recently named the winner of the 2022 international Gaudeamus Award for his debut solo album, FINAL SKIN, on Cantaloupe Music, which has also been featured by experimental artists such as Moor Mother, OHYUNG, Wild Up, and others.

Rohan is also active as a freelance electronics and keyboard performer and can be seen on the west coast performance of the Grammy-nominated composition PLACE by Ted Hearne, as well as on Hearne’s upcoming projects Farming and Dorothea. Rohan was also active as a keyboard player in the NYC hip-hop collective Tabemono and is currently a member of the LA based improvising collective ZURG. He also serves as a music technology teaching artist at the Young Musician’s Foundation in Los Angeles, where he works with students to embrace identity and self-expression within music-making. He was formerly the production manager for the Wet Ink Ensemble.