The Hindoo Warrior is not real. It has no gender, no race, no body, nor form. It exists in a virtual plane, parallel to ours yet entirely intangible, only made real through abstracted ideals, visions. It is a distorted mirage, a kind of rapidly mercurial reflection of a form equal parts idyllic as it is corrupted. It is a shapeless shadow of a human– you, me, our pasts, our futures, our interrogations, our virtues, our qualms. It is through these definitions that it creates its most distinctive attribute: perennial metamorphosis.

The Hindoo Warrior is a migrant. It is a foreign object. Its synthetic state makes it polarized, oscillating between states of being in pursuit of solid ground– objective, irrefutable qualifications of identity. However this turbulence, as unsettled as it makes the warrior, solidifies a type of function. It is an interrogative catalyst, an anthropological analyst, a cultural guidepost, waiting in repose for you to face it, perhaps defiantly, for the remainder of your days. It has a place as it insofar has none.

Our state of immigrancy is perpetual; to be brown and to be beautiful are dualities locked in conflict for as long as we are bound by our own hierarchical pluralities. We are, despite that, powerful, and unique beings. So face the warrior. Perhaps you may defeat it, perhaps you may never. That battle, however, will always be your own.

I leave these thoughts with the following words:

Be well on your journey.

HINDOO WARRIOR was comissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition to be premiered by Chromic duo in 2020.